What we do

The Lazarus Legacy Foundation actively engages government, private corporations and civil society to deliver workable and impactful solutions in the areas of:

Education; generating and providing access to financial assistance for those seeking educational upliftment.

Community Building; implementing moral regeneration initiatives that address the ills and failings of societal living.

Health and Welfare; delivering health and welfare initiatives to the disenfranchised.

Economic Development;encouraging entrepreneurial fervor and empowering for entrepreneurial activity.

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What drives us

The Lazarus Legacy Foundation lives out the values of:

Compassion for our fellow man
Seeking the common good of all
Reaching out a helping hand to those in need
Serving others and our communities selflessly


Christmas grocery hampers were donated to many needy families in the East Rand.


From the start of the pandemic we have been distributing 500 food hampers a month to identified individuals in need.


Students sponsored to complete their studies.


For Mandela day we provided 67 knitted packs to 3 different organizations.

We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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