The Lazarus Legacy Foundation
Enabling Continuity

Bishop D.A and N Lazarus

Siloam Ministries, Bathshua Community Focus and the Lazarus Legacy Foundation (the Organizations) have been established to fulfill our life’s ambition and purpose to empower and uplift people from all walks of life. The overarching objectives of these Organizations are to provide social upliftment, economic development and people empowerment and development in a holistic and effective way. To this end the Organizations strive to uplift, empower and inspire people from all sectors of society to reach their full potential. The Organizations are committed to the sustainability and growth of individuals and communities, while still cognizant of its impact on the planet. The Organizations are aligned to the Millennial Development goals.


Generating and providing access to financial assistance for those seeking educational upliftment.

Community Building

Implementing moral regeneration initiatives that address the ills and failings of societal living.

Health & Welfare

Delivering health and welfare initiatives to the disenfranchised.

Economic Development

Encouraging entrepreneurial fervor and empowering for entrepreneurial activity.

Our Visionaries

We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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